Today’s blog post is a “Year in Review.”  We have written 40 articles on triable legal issues in 2019.  Each of these articles are enumerated below with their links for ease of access to the subject article.

You will notice in each article, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see further highlighted links to further articles relevant to the legal issue we have written about in that subject post.

We do our best to reference arguments of both parties in our articles as it is a very helpful exercise to review both sides of the arguments.  This process outlines factors to consider from both perspectives and allows a legal team to be aware of these factors in existing claims.  It is not often you deal with each of these issues in your existing claims – and therefore a review is required on a weekly (if not daily) basis to strengthen your skills and knowledge.  It is also important when reviewing existing claims that you not only understand the theory of your case (as put forth by counsel), but to also know the theories of the opposing party.

This blog post serves as an Index to all of our articles in 2019 and we hope you enjoy them.  Scroll down to read our articles.

Stay current!  Keep Up!  Never stop learning! And when you learn, teach!

2019 Legal Articles

Loss of future earning capacity
Video Deposition
Failure to mitigate – lack of funds and exhaustion
Cost of future care – review
Loss of future earning capacity – Arguments for and against
Production of pre-mva records – what you need to know
Diagnosis: Somatic Symptom Disorder
Considerations for concussion/mild traumatic brain injury cases
Loss of Housekeeping 2019
Cost of Future Care 2019
Striking a jury notice / “wait and see” approach – ONSC
Refusal to accept reasonable offer results in double costs
Adjudicative Independence
Defamation and anti-SLAPP Applications
Permanent Serious Impairment – ONSC
Foreign Money Claims Act
Fast Track Litigation
Defendant’s “hard-ball” strategy backfires
$80,000 for loss of housekeeping capacity
Witnesses at Trial – Preparation
Accommodations in the Workplace
Court’s message to the profession – assessment of costs
Consolidation – Actions to be tried at the same time
Jury Notice – Seeking an Extension
Duty to Mitigate – Management Required
The test for inerlocutory injunctive relief
Loss of future earning capacity
Activities of Daily Living – Loss of Housekeeping Capacity
Joint Experts – Considerations
Civil Resolution Tribunal – Liability Dispute
Privilege – Dominant Purpose Test
Liability trial: Cyclist v. Vehicle / Evidence
Credibility – Collateral Witnesses
Experts in Vehicle Actions
CRT Small Claims Dispute – Liability
A useful pre-trial tool: Notice to Admit
High standard “permanent serious impairment” Appeal allowed
Removal of a Certificate of Pending Litigation (“CPL”) The Law
Compelling Evidence: Collateral Witnesses
Cost of Future Care – Medical Cannabis

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