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I’m humbled and honored to receive the following testimonials from various sources across Canada, primarily from students and professionals within the legal industry.

Thank you for supporting Case Law Corner, for reading my articles and for learning along the way with me.

An excellent summary of the law – thanks for the post Priscilla.”

“I always like reading these Priscilla.”

“Always excellent work Priscilla.”

‘Thank you for sharing.”

“Great read Priscilla, thanks.”

“Very informative and allows for great debate.”

“Thank you Priscilla.  I check out your website regularly.  Excellent resource.”

“Nice work.”

“Love your articles Priscilla.  Keep them coming.”

“Great summary and thorough discussion.  Thank you for sharing.”

“Well done.”

“Great article Priscilla.  Worthwhile reading for counsel.”

“Priscilla Cicek you post such interesting pieces.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom.  I really like them.”

“Thanks for the good read.”

“Good summary Priscilla.”

A very complex liability assessment and a very difficult and sad outcome.  Thanks for sharing this Priscilla.”

“Great post Priscilla.”

“Excellent summary of the Court’s decision.”

“Always enjoy reading your articles.”

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  1. “I just checked my case law corner assignment and found out that I got 5/5. This was the assignment that I had a huge struggle with and the one that you had to call me to help with. I cannot express how grateful I am for your guidance at the time when I needed it. Just fyi, you are the only teacher that did anything in this manner since I started my paralegal program. Thank you very much for all your efforts. By far, this was one of the most challenging courses. However, at the same time, it was the most informative one and I am sure everyone could feel that you added your personal touch to it. It is rare to come across a great teacher and I would like you to know that I was lucky enough to have come across one (you). :)”
  2. “I would first like to express my appreciation for this course. You are one of the best teachers I have had in the VCC Paralegal Program. You give directions and participate in discussions and mark assignments promptly. Thank you. I feel I am able to learn the material because of your regular input.”

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