2024 Pedestrian Liability Case

Legal Resource – Pedestrian Liability Today’s case involves a pedestrian struck by a vehicle while crossing at an unmarked cross-walk and suffered life altering injuries. Liability is in issue and our article today will enumerate a number of published cases that deal with liability involving pedestrians. The key question is whether a pedestrian who is […]

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2024 Cyclist Case – Wrist Fractures

Legal Resource Today’s case law involves a cyclist.  This is a recent 2024 case that involves an interesting discussion because during this crash, there was actually no contact between vehicle and bicycle.  The liability argument involves the  “agony of collision” doctrine. In addition, this case involved a Plaintiff that was thrown over the handlebars and […]

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In-Home Care / Assisted Living

In a recent published decision, a Plaintiff is successful in recovering over $217,000. for future costs. This was a case that resulted in serious injuries. The Plaintiff was diagnosed with 3 vertebral fractures (T12 burst fracture, T11 spinous process fracture, L4 endplate fracture), soft tissue injuries to her sternum, chronic pain syndrome with myofascial pain […]

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Psychological Injury

Topic: Psychological Injury The case reviews ON Minor Injury Guidelines to determine whether the claimant is entitled to Statutory Accident Benefits. Psychological injuries, if established, fall outside the MIG, because such impairments are not included in the prescribed definition of “minor injuries.”  This claim was not accepted for a number of reasons.  The applicant had […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Law

On December 20, 2023, the Federal Court posted Interim Principles and Guidelines on the Court’s Use of Artificial Intelligence. The publication enumerates a number of principles and guidelines that the Federal Court will comply with, which is noted in today’s article. We also highlight a decision of the Court referenced as Haghshenas v. Canada (Citizenship […]

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