Psychological Injury

Topic: Psychological Injury The case reviews ON Minor Injury Guidelines to determine whether the claimant is entitled to Statutory Accident Benefits. Psychological injuries, if established, fall outside the MIG, because such impairments are not included in the prescribed definition of “minor injuries.”  This claim was not accepted for a number of reasons.  The applicant had […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Law

On December 20, 2023, the Federal Court posted Interim Principles and Guidelines on the Court’s Use of Artificial Intelligence. The publication enumerates a number of principles and guidelines that the Federal Court will comply with, which is noted in today’s article. We also highlight a decision of the Court referenced as Haghshenas v. Canada (Citizenship […]

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2023 Year in Review

2023 Year in Review:  Thankful for all of our mentors this year.  Professional Development was a highlight for us in 2023.  We wrote over 40 legal articles and developed and chaired seven accredited professional courses involving high-level speakers that offered their valuable time to educate all of us.  Thank you to all the medical experts […]

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6% Cap on Disbursements

There are more changes in British Columbia being legislated. To provide you with a brief history for a better comprehension, I will enumerate my article to market on the history here: The government attempted to cap disbursements to 6% of the amount awarded as compensation.  Eg: If a case was awarded 100,000 in damages, the […]

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2023 Chronic Pain Case

A recent decision reviews arguments from both counsel on whether this case falls under thin skull or crumbling skull principles.  Liability was not admitted but was not a true issue here.  The MVA occurred when the Plaintiff’s vehicle was rear ended while stopped at a stop sign.  “The only issues argued before me at trial […]

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Awards of cost of future care

A recent 2023 decision Donaldson v Grayson, 2023 BCSC 1675 (CanLII) outlines the legal principles relating to the assessment of cost of future care.  The award for costs of future care was significant – $208,000.  There were also multiple objections raised by the defence in relation to cost items, some of which were accepted by […]

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