Analyzing Aneurysms & Stroke

Aneurysm, subarachnoid hemorrhage, vasospasm and stroke – a closer look. We have seen several cases in the Courts across Canada dealing with medical malpractice claims analyzing the issue of standard of care and causation relating to aneurysms and resulting stroke. Today we will share a few facts about this type of brain bleed.  Typically symptoms […]

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Minor Injury Regulations, Alberta

Have you assessed claims involving the new definition of “minor injury” in Alberta as documented under the Minor Injury Regulation, Alta Reg 123/2004? It is important to review the new regulations and also review the format of analysis. A recent decision referenced as Jackson v Cooper, 2022 ABKB 609 (CanLII) reviews “chronic pain” under the […]

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Evidence – Collateral Witnesses

In reading multiple personal injury cases, we note the focus must be on the change or impact that an injury has on a claimant when presenting a case. This article will identify the importance of collateral witnesses and offer some guidance in preparing witnesses for trial, and specifically the type of evidence that may be […]

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