Loss of future earning capacity

This is a recent decision referenced as Winick v Goddard, 2020 BCSC 4 (CanLII) that involved a Plaintiff who was unfortunately involved in three motor vehicle collisions in 2013, 2015 and 2016.  As a result of these collisions, the client suffered chronic pain to her neck and back with resulting headaches and a diagnosis of […]

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Video Deposition

In this article, we will look at a case that deals with a Defendant’s application to seek a video deposition of their expert under oath before a court reporter prior to the trial of this case and that the said record of the stated deposition be tendered as evidence at the trial.  The case is […]

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Cost of future care – review

We are going to review the test in determining an award for cost of future care by highlighting several quotes from cases that are often referenced at trial.  In addition, we will review the cost of future care considerations in a recent trial decision referenced as Dornan v. Stephens, 2019 BCSC 701 (CanLII). The test […]

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Loss of Housekeeping 2019

Two recent decisions yield two different approaches by the Courts as it pertains to loss of housekeeping capacity. In the first example, the Court rejected the claim for  loss of housekeeping as a separate head of damage and addressed this loss under the non-pecuniary award. In the second example, the Court was satisfied that a […]

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