Foreign Money Claims Act

This article will focus on the Foreign Money Claims Act [RSBC 1996] Chapter 155 and it will largely quote from the case law.  Surprisingly, in over 25 years working in the legal profession, I have never had to reference the Foreign Money Claims Act “FMCA”.  The FMCA applies when conversion of foreign currency becomes relevant.  […]

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Fast Track Litigation

Fast track litigation in BC was introduced by the Supreme Court Civil Rules in July of 2010.  It combined former rules, Rules 66 and 68.  The benefit of Rue 15-1 is to have matters expedited in the Court system for a cost far less than a typical trial. Rule 15-1 applies to matters that may […]

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Accommodations in the Workplace

Under the legislation in B.C., the definition of “serious impairment” should be known by everyone who works in personal injury law.  Here is the definition as noted in the Insurance (Vehicle) Act [R.S.B.C. 1996] Chapter 231, Part 7 – Minor Injuries: “serious impairment”, in relation to a claimant, means a physical or mental impairment that […]

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Jury Notice – Seeking an Extension

Today’s article will focus on a recent application referenced as Chapman-Fluker v. Gustavson, 2019 BCSC 1022 in which the Defendant seeks an Order for an extension of time in filing a Notice Requiring Trial by Jury.  It was discovered quite late during the litigation process that a jury notice was inadvertently not filed.  We will […]

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