Loss of future earning capacity

We will review a recent case referenced as Khademolhosseini v. Ji, 2019 BCSC 854 in which the total amount awarded to the Plaintiff was $485,918.80.  Of this amount, $350,000 was awarded under the category of loss of future earning capacity and this article will therefore focus on this topic specifically. Facts on presentation: Plaintiff seeks […]

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Joint Experts – Considerations

Joint Experts has been a topic of discussion recently in the legal industry, specifically relating to personal injury claims since Rule 11-8 was created limiting the experts in motor vehicle action claims.  While joint experts have more commonly been used in family law cases, and even construction cases, rarely have we seen them used in […]

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Privilege – Dominant Purpose Test

This article will look at the multiple principles surrounding privilege and will highlight some of the leading authority on this subject in B.C. A recent decision from the BC Supreme Court speaks to litigation privilege and outlines the test.  The case is referenced as Canning v Mann, 2019 BCSC 841 (CanLII).  The Plaintiff in this […]

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Experts in Vehicle Actions

Under BC Supreme Court Rule 11-8 Experts in Vehicle Actions, there is a limitation in the number of experts that may be retained in a vehicle action.  The limit under Rule 11-8 is 3 experts that may provide expert opinion evidence on the issue of damages at trial, and only 1 report from each of […]

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