Experts in Vehicle Actions

Under BC Supreme Court Rule 11-8 Experts in Vehicle Actions, there is a limitation in the number of experts that may be retained in a vehicle action.  The limit under Rule 11-8 is 3 experts that may provide expert opinion evidence on the issue of damages at trial, and only 1 report from each of […]

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The Automobile “Black Box”

This article will provide information regarding the black box which is extracted from an automobile (car, SUV or pick-up truck) after a crash.  Most cars will have what is commonly referred to as a “black box” also referenced as: Event Data Recorder “EDR” Crash Data Recorder Airbag Control Module What data does the black box […]

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Agony of Collision Doctrine

Agony of Collision This post will identify a number of cases that have plead the doctrine of agony of collision, including a few 2018 decisions. Let’s begin by asking the question:  What is the agony of collision doctrine? A 2018 decision referenced as Owen v. Folster, 2018 BCSC 143 describes the doctrine of agony as […]

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