Document Disclosure Principles

This case provides a great overview of the principles for document disclosure.  McLeod v Balakrishnan, 2018 BCSC 908 (CanLII) `The principles to be considered on applications for document disclosure were summarized in Marsh Canada Limited v. BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc., 2014 BCSC 1171, beginning at para. 65: [65]      The Rules provide a two-tier process […]

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Rule 7-2 Examinations for Discovery

Reviewing the posted decisions from a chambers application provides value in increasing your knowledge of the Rules and strengthening your critical thinking and analytical skills. The Order being sought in this case is pursuant to Rule 7-2 Examination for Discovery, specifically Rule 7-2(5) and 7-2(3). This hearing went before the Honourable Madame Justice Burke.  The […]

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Liability Trial – Credibility and Reliability of a Witness

This post will highlight the subject of credibility and reliability of a witness. Relevant Factors discussed in this Post: The credibility of the witness The accuracy and reliability in the witness’s recollection of the evidence Is there objective evidence to support the witness statements Collision Analysis, accident reconstruction, light sequencing evidence, weather reports Agreed Statement […]

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