World Kindness Day – Bumpin Bakery Foundation


Bumpin Bakery was founded in the winter of 2014 by Dugie Turner. His idea was to go down to the Corner on Main and East Hastings to give out muffins to anyone who wanted them. This small idea turned into a volunteer driven organization, that fills the needs of the people of the down town East Side in Vancouver each and every Sunday morning at 10 am.

Every week, Bumpin Bakery volunteers bake muffins for their hand out on Sunday. They also receive generous pastry donations from students and parents and all the coffee that is handed out is very generously donated by Bean Around the World. Then on Sunday morning, some volunteers meet at Vancouver College high school where they heat up and transfer the muffins and coffee down to the corner while other volunteers meet the crew downtown.


Every Sunday morning Bumpin Bakery volunteers hand out all the muffins and coffee on the corner of Main and Hastings at 10am, right in from of Carnegie Hall.


Bumpin Bakery is dedicated to fostering a mindset of empathy, inclusion, and awareness for youth in Vancouver, by providing meaningful community service experiences on the downtown east side.


A City where people see value in everyone regardless of income, social status, and appearances, and that youth have the drive, tools and consistency to build this forward thinking community.

Watch Their Video – it is Heartwarming

People of the Downtown East Side

We asked some people of the downtown east side if they could answer some questions and write about him. In this case he wanted to be left anonymous.

“Hi my name is Anonymous, I have been living on the streets for 10 years now, and I have seen it all. I used to be just like you: living at home with my mom and dad, until the day my drug abuse went out of control.” 

We then asked him why he let us interview him and he said:

“You guys look like good guys and I want this to be a warning for all teens and young people out there, drugs will never give you happiness, they will only take it away.”  

Donate by Calling: (778-899-8989)  See info on how to get Involved

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