Red Carpet TIFF 2017, Med Mal Conference & Professional Voice Coach

It has been a very exciting week, starting in Toronto and attending, by invitation, the Toronto International Film Festival 2017 to attend the feature film of Unicorn Store, a debut film for Brie Larson in which she directs and stars in.  Our dear friend, Terry Dougas, was the producer of this film and it was certainly a day full of excitement.

My most exciting meeting was with the writer of the screenplay, Samantha McIntyre, who shared with me that she has been a writer for television for 10 years, and wrote the screenplay for Unicorn Store in 2 months (as a first draft) but continued writing on the screenplay for 8 years before it was picked up.  As a writer myself, it is always exciting to meet successful writers and hear about their experiences.

The week concluded in Kelowna at the Western Canada Medical Malpractice Conference in which the company I represent, BridgePoint Financial, was a sponsor.  Always great to see familiar faces.

A speaker at this event, Tamara Beatty, a voice and performance coach who works on the View, offered us all useful tips on professional presentations, body language, tone, pitches, and audience engagement whether it is in a courtroom or at a conference.  It was truly an interesting subject to have at a med mal conference which was useful for all in the room.

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